Tobiaz Paulsson

UX Specialist

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Hello! 👋 I am a User Experience (UX) Specialist from Sweden. I have an everlasting curiosity for the human mind and technology. I enjoy exploring how people navigate complexity in order to create great product experiences.

My strength lays in research, and I am also proficient working with code and design. I appreciate an agile workflow and welcome interdisciplinary team work. My aim is always to make UX Work inspiring and exciting for stakeholders and co-workers.

🇸🇪 Uppsala, SE
UX Research

I have work experience ranging from academic labs, startups and large corporations. I have been consulting in web development since 2013, where I managed projects from start to finish, with responsibilities in both design and front-end implementation. I appreciate the interplay between great UX groundwork and pragmatic design solutions.

I have a strong academic background, with a Bachelor’s degree in Cognitive Science and a Master’s degree in Human-Computer Interaction. This has assured me with knowledge and skills for developing great product experiences, fit for the human mind and its capabilities.

When I am not spending time with technology, I tend to be in nature, either hiking or biking. I picked up coffee making during the pandemic, and believe that the best cup of coffee is made and enjoyed outdoors.


My primary skills circle around creating a great User Experience for a product or a service. That includes conducting profound research, collaborating with key stakeholders to inform design decisions.

I enjoy working close to the development team, so that UX Work can be transformed to pragmatic solutions. Moreover, as I read and write code on my free time, able to communicate efficiently with developers, graphic designers and stakeholders. Read more about my skill set below 👇

Synthesise Users Experience

I provide empathetic insights of the problem space as experienced by the users. Likewise, I plan and develop research activities and coalition with product teams, to capture behavioural and attitudinal insights.

Contextual inquiry
User Testing
Focus Groups
Usability Evaluation

Data Driven Awareness

I like to work with various types of data to optimize how users can, want, or need the product or service. I am comfortable using analysing qualitative & quantitative data, and to run synthesis workshops and create artefacts to push product development.

Thematic Analysis
A/B Tests
User Journey Maps
Affinity Diagrams

Putting The Pieces Together

I have knowledge of several design tools, programming languages and software packages used for development. I have a good understanding of design principles and programming, which enables me to design interfaces and write code.


Agile & Multidisciplinary Work

I enjoy collaborating with cross-functional teams to include multiple perspectives on product development. I strongly believe to work iteratively, and like to include a user centred perspective in the agile workflow.

Design Thinking
Agile Development
Lean UX


Academic Research
Social Assistive Robots for Maternity Healthcare
Qualitative Methods
UX Research
Device For Medication-Free Depression Treatment
Formative Evaluation
Innovation Research
Leveraging Forestry Data for Organizational Synergies
Mixed Methods
UX Research
Digitalized Cognitive Tests for Healthcare Professionals
Summative Evaluation


Let’s talk! I am always interested to connect with people over new, exciting ideas and projects. Feel free to message me!

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